Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Suncrest Call newspaper!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy to tell you that I received a call today from Mr. Burke Wasson of the Suncrest Call. Mr. Wasson advised me that Mr. Mike Anthony will now allow me to link to stories in their paper!

It seems that the paper only wanted me to refrain from linking during the election cycle (I can understand that,) so as to remain objective. This was my MIS-understanding, as I thought they wanted me to refrain from linking period.

This is very good news to all of us, as now I will be linking the "Call's" remarks as well as the Times. This will give the bloggers here a chance to get all sides of an issue, and as such will be a definite plus for all of us.

Please join me in welcoming the Suncrest Call to the blog!

Tom Ford

No. 186


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Upon reading the CALL newspaper today, I noticed there is an alderman who seems to have appointed himself, fairly regularly, to giving negative lip service to all ideas not his, regardless of their value.

4:59 PM, July 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you notice that, too. I think his bow tie is too tight, or either he is. While all aldermen are not saints, this one is so out of line, it is an embarrassment to the city,and probably his family. Perfect example of why term limits are needed. His demeanor isn't fit for a dog fight.

4:15 PM, August 03, 2006  

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