Sunday, August 03, 2014

Obama's medel in school kids bake sales, pathetic !

Well this is but another of the moronic edicts emitting from the White Hos under the Obama regime ! Just imagine the horror of a school kid actually (GASP) selling baked goods at school to raise funds for school programs ! The horror of a thing like this is too bitter to contemplate !

I guess this is the only venue where the Obama's won't get their hats handed to them (or will they ?) Lord knows they are a joke on the international stage, so now they want to harass school kids, idiotic at best, communistic at worst, you be the judge.

Tom Ford

NO. 3075

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Letter to the editor of the Call, reference Ms. Flowere departure.

I think it should go without question that this "family member's" loss will be felt for some time to come in Crestwood.

We have lost not only a good and faithful servant of the people, but also a good friend to those who knew her well.

Now, who do we have in the wings that can step right in and take over her job without a hiccup ? The short answer is NO ONE !

A memo to the City Fathers, please remember the old Chinese proverb, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." Now what do we do ?

I am not going to engage in reasons why she left, because we don't know the reasons, but I will say if this "bleeding" is fixable, we beat do it, and NOW !

One thing is for sure, she didn't leave for a higher salary (she took a pay cut to remain,) so it has to be another reason, so whatever that is, FIX IT before it's too late.

Tom Ford

NO. 3074

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

we lost our City clerk (Ms. Tina Flowers) yesterday, she resigned, why ?

While there is no official statement out as of yet that I have seen, we have in fact lost yet another very valuable employee.

I don't know the reasons behind this latest departure, but I do know that Crestwood will miss her expertise for some time to come !

Now who is in like to replace (very hard to do) her? As I said before there has been no official word out as of yet, so let's wait and see who the C/A has and more importantly, why.

I am beginning to think that there is something amiss at City Hall, were losing too many good employees and it's not a money issue, trust me.

What do you think is going on, and better yet, what would you do to fix it.

(Please remember, no personal attacks are allowed unless you sign your real name.)

Tom Ford

NO. 3073

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Call has issues with a couple of Crestwood officials, what do YOU think ?

"I see NOTHING,"

Well the honeymoon is over it would appear, so what is your opinion on the performance of the City with respect to the "Sunshine Law ?"

I will (for a change) hold mine except to answer a question (if there is one.)

Please remember that NO attacks will be allowed unless you sigh your real name. Those not doing it might as well save their manicure as I will delete it immediately.

Tom Ford

NO. 30772

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Birthday America !

Fellow "Crestwoodians," please let me take this moment to wish you all a very happy and safe Fourth of July.

Whatever your doing today may it be with good friends, and family, and please remember our young men and women who are still in harms way to preserve our freedom.

Tom Ford

NO. 3071

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Gas prices now a record 1290 days above $3.00 a gallon !

Well where are you going to go this weekend ? The gasoline pricing has gotten a bit out of hand, and some popular sports are seeing less and less participation due to it.

I have just returned from a trip to Syracuse, Indiana (Lake Wawasee) where the gas price for the boat was North of $5.00 per gallon, and car gas in some spots was $3.99.9 !

Now that the costs have become so high will you be staying closer to home ? I am thinking that many of us will be running fewer errands to the store, and combining our trips to cut costs.

I believe that this is a perfect time for the economic development commission and Mayor Roby to launch a "shop Crestwood First" campaign. The President believes that no crisis should ever be wasted, so why not use this one to boost the sales of Crestwood businesses ?

What do you think, and better yet, what would you suggest to the Mayor and EDC given the chance ?

Tom Ford

NO. 3070

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Dedication of the Flag at Father Dickson's Cemetery on Flag Day, June 14th. at 2:00 PM. Please come and join us.

The Cemetery now has it's Flag in place and thanks to the work of Crestwood resident Ken Hampton the base is adorned with red, white and blue flowers.

There will be a dedication ceremony on Saturday, June 14th at 2:00 PM when the new addition will be formally dedicated by Mayor Roby, Judge Charles Berry, and the Board Of Alderman. (Don't worry ALL of them will not be speaking.)

Please come out and join us for this historic event and plan to stay a while visiting American History right here in Crestwood.

Tom Ford

NO. 3069

Sunday, June 01, 2014

The funding has been secured and the new Flag pole and Flag have been installed at Father Dickson's Cemetery.

(Photo by Mr. John Frey.)

In the photo's above we see Ms. Jackie Stock, Tom Ford, and Ken Hampton at a fund raiser for the Father Dickson Cemetery Flag pole. I am happy to say that the fund raising was successful and we have secured the Pole and the Flag which now stands in it's rightful place at the entrance to the Cemetery.

There will be a dedication on Flag Day, June 14, 2014 at 2:00 PM which will feature the Mayor as the key note speaker. More will be available as to the program shortly, but pleas mark your calendar so you and your family can attend and tour the site afterwords.

Tom Ford

NO. 3068

Monday, May 26, 2014


Have a happy and safe Memorial Day, and when you leave your families function today, please take one last look back for those who no longer can.

Tom Ford

NO. 3067

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Come out and join us Sunday, May 25th at Father Dickson's cemetery, a great piece of American history is right here in Crestwood !

Did you know that we have a National treasure right here in Crestwood ? Did you know that three Civil War Veterans are interned here ? Did you know that there are Veterans from the Civil War, Spanish American War, WW 1 , WW 2, and Korea also interned here ? Did you know that it's right on Sappington Rd. just north of the Sappington House ?

My guess is that you did not, I didn't until our resident Crestwood Historian Ms. Jackie Stock introduced me to the man (and fellow Vietnam Veteran) Mr. Ernest Jordan, who is the President of the Cemetery.

We have formed an AD HOC committee consisting of Ms. Stock, Mr. Jordan, Mr. James Kinslow. Mr. Ken Hampton and myself to correct a small oversight on the grounds.

In all the years the Cemetery has been in existence there has been no American flag flown over it, so we have formed this group to raise funds to purchase, install and maintain a lighted Flag pole (and Flag) to be installed at the entrance of the property.

Would you please consider taking some of your weekend to join us at the Cemetery, tour the grounds, stop by and say hello, and if possible make a donation to "Friends of Father Dickson's Cemetery ?" We will all be there from 11:00 AM till 2:00 PM at which time small flags will be placed on the graves of ALL the Veterans interned there.

We look forward to seeing you there and having the opportunity to introduce you to a piece of history right here in Crestwood.

Tom Ford

NO. 3066